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Zip Builder Interview – Travis Kerbrat

On August 28, 2014, in Outboard Powered, Videos, by Gayle Brantuk

Friend and Glen-L Zip builder, Ted Gauthier, has done another interesting interview. This one is of Travis Kerbrat and the beautiful Glen-L Zip that he built.

As mentioned in other posts, once you build the basic hull of any boat and then flip it over, aside from some of the basic inner structure, the boat takes on the builder’s personality. Or, it’s all you after the flip to put it simply.

The decking whether you give it a classic planked look, or just plywood, or some other variation is your choice. The dashboard can be as simple or as fancy and high tech as you want. You can have flooring, carpet, fancy grill work or nothing a ‘tall. The interior can boast a sound system, cup holders, rod holders, trash receptacles, a glove box–whatever YOU want. That’s the beauty of building it yourself.

Ted’s interview highlights Travis’ choice of building the Zip “old school”–pretty much by the plans. He kept it simple and through that simplicity created a beautiful boat he can be proud of. Enjoy the video and take notice of Ted’s balloon business too–how cool is that???

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