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(We thought you’d enjoy this neat story emailed to us by a Glen-L boatbuilder –Gayle)

Don Ruffa built the Missile test model in our shop and was known for pushing the limits of our designs!

Don Ruffa built the Missile test model in our shop and was known for pushing the limits of our designs!


Hi Gayle;

My name is Terry Dobson. I live in the Wichita area. Here’s a piece of history for you. In 1963 I ordered a set of plans for the “MISSILE”.

I made a deal with my parents to use one side of their 3 car garage for my boat building project. After a full year of part time building my parents gave me a friendly ultimatum of “get it finished soon or find another place to work on it”.

Missile boat plans from Glen-LI spent my vacation finishing the hull and deck and moved it to my apartment carport. I painted it and installed the engine and built a trailer with a friend who had another brand of “drag boat”. The first year I sat on floatation cushions until I got the balance correct (I had stretched it to 17-‘ 2″ and had the engine on sliding rails). Then after we got it right, I built seats and did the upholstery. Their are many other details to this story but my point in telling you this is, the whole adventure led me to a short career in the local boat building business. Although I built fiberglass boats and had a good business for about 10 years. I sold the business to another builder in Oklahoma. I had 4 different sizes and styles of inboards and 1 outboard. My experience in building the missile was invaluable in creating the “PLUGS” for the new designs. I do credit any success of my business and designs partly to the Missile and Glen-I

Thanks for just being there..

Here’ s wishing you continued success Terry

PS, I do enjoy the newsletter , keep it coming!!!

Glen-L Missile drag boat

Glen-L Test Model

Missile built by Brian Lawson

Missile built by Brian Lawson

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  1. Louwrens says:

    My dad (in South Africa) have built a Missile marine plywood boat in the seventies.He ordered the plans from Glen L.

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