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Glen-L History Photo #5

On January 13, 2012, in History Photo of the Week, News From Gayle, by Gayle Brantuk

Not every Glen-L design concept has hit the market and our furniture line is one that didn’t. Here’s a quote from the original “Scope of Program”:

“The object of the proposed furniture program is to provide complete designs for a series of contemporary home furnishings that can be built by the average “do it yourself” amateur builder.”

From the Feature Literature:

“…the proposed furniture is not of the stark ‘world’s fair’ or ‘extreme modern’ variety. Rather, broad appeal is obtained by using clean and crisp lines and unique design features seldom offered to the amateur builder.”

The Divan...this comfortable lounge piece is designed to utilize standard size foam rubber or plastic foam cushions and is extremely simple to construct. Click on the photo to see the entire living room line.


The furniture line had pieces for an entire home: living, dining & bed rooms. Ken Hankinson did all of the concept boards for the furniture as you can see here.

Each board has a full description typed on paper attached to the back of the board. Some of the copy is in the caption of the photos posted here.

I told Ken that I think they’re pretty enough to frame and hang on the wall.


Dining Chair...these chairs are designed to slide under the dining table. Comfort is provided by the wrap around arms and back supoprt. Click on photo for entire living room series.

I guess I’m just not used to seeing so much color in a drawing!

According to Ken, at the time this line was developed, Glen-L was looking for ways to diversify.  

Ken isn’t sure what actually happened to the line. Perhaps they submitted it to a magazine and it just never went anywhere.

Writing Desk...this unit may be used in any area of the home. The accompaning renderings show the desk with the writing top in the closed position and again with the top in the down position thereby exposing the cabinet layout. Click photo for entire bedrom line.

He thinks the furniture program may have been intended for Popular Mechanics because we had a pretty close relationship with them at that time.

There were also a series of articles written that were meant to be published over a period of time.

Most likely, the profit potential just wasn’t what was needed at the time. Ken says that this line segued in to the RV line which in it’s day was very successful and we still carry today.

The coffee table, a dining chair and ottoman were actually constructed. However, I haven’t found the actual plans for anything but they’re probably around here somewhere!

I know Glen built the coffee table and my brother Barry had it in his house for many years. He eventually passed it along to his daughter who still has it in her home in Oregon.

I always liked that coffee table because the wood was so pretty and it has these neat little black formica covered pieces that are tucked under the top that slide out to put beverages on instead of using coasters. I think that’s a clever feature.

Darla and I have been trying to figure out when this line was possibly created and we’re thinking it was probably sometime in the late 60’s.


Ken Hankinson with coffee table prototype.


The furniture line was  definitely off the beaten path for Glen-L but I think it’s classy. Too bad there aren’t plans for some of the pieces–they would be fun to build!

Watch for next week’s history photos where we’ll feature the Glen-L poster girl photos never before published! You guys will like this one…










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3 Responses to Glen-L History Photo #5

  1. Larry Evensen says:

    I sure enjoy your historical postings Gayle. It takes me back to my childhood and the work that my dad and uncles did in their shops. Thank you!

  2. Jeff says:

    The first pieces of furniture my wife wnd I had were Danish modern a coutch end tables.looked a whole like what are pictured here. That was 49years a go on the 12th of jan.

  3. Dennis Gallup says:

    I was looking at your furniture designs and I think that my grandfather or father may have built the coffee table and end tables. The both of them loved to do woodworking and loved boats. My grand father built 2 different Glen l designs in the early 60s. I can,t remember which ones but I am trying to get my 89 yr old mother to go thru all the old pics and see if there are any more pics of the boats and furiture. I sent her a kink to the furniture and she said it sure looks like the one in grandmas house yrs ago. If i get a pic I will send it to you. Thanks and keep up the great work that you people do.

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