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Boatbuilder Gathering Video

On January 27, 2012, in News From Gayle, Videos, by Gayle Brantuk

We now have all of the video from the September 2011 Gathering of Boatbuilders completed, so I’m excited to start sharing those with you!

There will be lots of interviews of builders and an awesome video of the boats in the water complete with tags naming each boat. Chris Dixon of Vineyard Productions has done a wonderful job once again. Chris is our official Gathering videographer. He’s gotten so good at recognizing our designs that he mostly tagged them all himself!

Today’s video is the overview of the event that really shows what a wonderful event it was. Enjoy it and let me know what you think by posting a comment…


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6 Responses to Boatbuilder Gathering Video

  1. Fernando González Reyes says:

    I need plane, for buil my boats , 45 ”

  2. larry wegeman says:

    The lake outing sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the Endeavor will not be completed this year.

    BTW: Does the lake have a connecting canal to the ocean?

  3. Jerry Lindamood says:

    I think I will try and make it this year, it looks like so much fun!

  4. Buzz Gerick says:

    Gayle- You are doing a great job!


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