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Two years ago I started the construction of a Glen-L 15.

I have a blog with a lot of pictures. Sorry is in Portuguese

You are welcome to visit…

(Editor’s note: when we went to his blog, there’s a box that pops up and you can translate the page into your own language)

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2 Responses to Building a Glen-L 15 in Portugal – Blog

  1. Peter Edmonds says:

    Great story and pictures. The internet translator has some odd vocabulary for boatbuilding, but we can see what is happening.

    In the Australian vernacular, “Good on ya, mate!” Will this translte to meaningful Portugese?

    Peter Edmonds
    Perth, Western Australia

    • Pedro says:

      Hi Peter

      I used internet to undesrtand what this sentence could mean. I Got it. Thanks

      In the last few months, I add to the blog new photos with the last developments.

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