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Flipping the Monte Carlo “Lanikai”

On August 9, 2016, in Builder Tips, by Brian

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Here are photos of flipping this 28′ version of the Monte Carlo. Sorry they are a little out of order! It is a process that is safe and usable for any boat where you have no overhead structure to work with. Two “lift/roll” frames were built, each about 1/3 from the bow/stern, out of 4×4 posts and dual 2×8’s across, about 2′ higher than the max beam of the hull. Just inside the connection to the posts, I drilled through the 2×8’s and inserted a 3/4″ bolt with a 1″ section of pvc pipe about 3.5″ long on the bolts between the 2×8’s. The pvc rotates on the bolts for the roll strap.

The lift was done with 4 1-ton comealongs and a strap under the sheers to the other side. Four guys lifted the boat up about 3′. Then we ran the wide roll straps underneath and around the motor stringers so they would not move, and over the bolts with the pvc rollers. Now we had straps to roll the hull without the straps sliding on the hull itself. As we cranked the handles on the straps, one side came up and the straps slid around the pvc rollers, not the hull.

Soon, we got to a point where the hardware on the straps was going to hit the frame structure, and we could no longer roll the boat any further with muscle. We reconnected the 4 comealongs, lifted the hull an inch, and slid the roll straps around to a clear position. Then released the lift onto the roll straps again. Using ropes, we were able to continue rolling it, keeping a back line taut so it didn’t roll suddenly. We had it a little too high, so had to use the lifting process again to lower it to clear the 2×8’s.

Once over most of the way, it was just a matter of horsing it around a little with ropes and muscle until it hung fairly level. Then we reattached the lifting rig, lowered it onto the cradle, and leveled it. I removed the forward frame and left the aft one for the engine lift. The cradle is on 6 – 4″ Magic Sliders, which allows the whole thing to be moved around, not easily, but it works. The rigs cost about $100 each to build, and I had to buy the comealongs and straps. If you can borrow these and have some throw away lumber, this could be done for almost nothing.

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  1. Jasper says:

    Shows what a little thought and ingenuity can get done!
    Excellent share, thanks!! 🙂

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