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Builder Review: SystemThree Paint is Infallible

On April 24, 2017, in Builder Tips, by Gayle Brantuk

by Jeff Cobb aka BayouBengal

Note: This is taken from the Glen-L Boatbuilder Forum–this is THE place to connect with others building Glen-L designs…

I guess everyone has their own finish and like what they’re used to working with, but I’m now completely sold on the SystemThree WR-LPU system. You can pretty much apply it with any method that you want, but you need to sand between every few coats.

Put on plenty of finish so that you can comfortably sand it without sanding through to the epoxy and you’re golden, you just sand up through the grits to 6000 with the trizac pads, then a little polishing and buffing and you have a great finish.

And Roberta (Glen-L Torpedo builder), thanks again for your support sharing your experience while I was experimenting with the SystemThree LPU product to find what I now believe to be a simple and infallible process. The automotive clearcoat is great, but you need some expertise in spraying.

The SystemThree can be applied by anyone with next to no expertise and rudimentary equipment. I think part of the problem some people may have experienced with the SystemThree is due to following their directions which I think are written more to market the product as an easy and simple two coat process. You actually need to apply at least 6 coats, 10 is better, and you need to sand with 220 to 320 after every three to four coats.
By the way Chris, it’s weird how things change. It seems a few years ago while you were building your Zip, you were working with SystemThree and I was telling you that you might consider Interlux. But now, I wouldn’t even consider working with anything other than SystemThree, it’s just so easy and when you consider that you don’t have to buy thinner, it’s probably half the cost of everything else. 

You can get SystemThree Paint and Varnish from Glen-L.


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