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Raptor Staining Tips

On April 25, 2017, in Builder Tips, by Gayle Brantuk

A builder called the other day asking about staining the Raptor Composite Fastenings. He wasn’t sure what type of stain is recommended. After talking to the helpful Raptor folks, they informed me that any stain should work, but the key is to remove the sheen from the fastening. The builder I was talking to was using staples, so this sheen would obviously be removed when he sands off the crown of the staple. The tiny points of the staple that are left will readily stain using either water or oil based stains.

Same as with brads or nails–you’ll most likely remove the sheen during sanding anyway. But now you know!

Omer pneumatic stapler for Raptor composite fastenings

These fastenings are time saving, to be sure. They don’t have to be removed, they won’t rust or corrode, can be sanded or sawn without damaging your tools, and take a stain. If you’re applying veneers to your boat for a classic mahogany planked look, doing strip planking, cold molding or if you use a CNC machine and need a fastening to hold the wood together during cutting, this is what folks are using.

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