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Taking the plunge and starting a larger project.

I have been considering building a boat for many years. Firstly I was taken by the simplicity of a Michael Storer “Goat Island Skiff” and learning to sail.

Then I was captivated by some pictures of a “Melon Seed Skiff”.

Finally, I saw a picture of a “Barrelback” and when I heard the sound of a big V8 rumbling away underneath, power sailing suddenly seemed more attractive.

One day I will build a sail powered craft and hopefully a big one that can take me away from this mad world to a sandy beach and a treasure chest full of booty…. but until then, I’m gonna play with a big toy on the local lake and enjoy the sound of that rumble.

Project was started on 31 March 2018 and I have set myself a conservative goal of 3 years work to complete. I do work full time so I only get evenings and weekends to tinker.

Anyway, please follow along as I hope to document the build as fully as I am able to and would really appreciate any tips pointers or encouragement along the way.

Your Thoughts?

One Response to Glen-L – Key Largo build, nr. Sydney Australia

  1. Raymond M Wood says:

    I am just a couple of months behind you (started the the middle of May) on a Key Largo in Jacksonville, FL USA. Finishing up frame #6 currently.

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