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Zip Complete Wood Kit

On June 6, 2019, in Outboard Powered, Plywood Construction, by Gayle Brantuk


Glen-L now offers a complete precision CNC cut wood kit with all the wood you need to build the Glen-L Zip!

The 14 foot Glen-L Zip is consistently one of our most popular designs for the first time boatbuilder. This design will hold 4 adults, is an outboard with beautiful classic lines and is just darn fun.

Mark Molden of Benchmark Products in California agreed that the Zip was the boat he wanted to build. But, he wanted to build three of them; one for his daughter, himself and his grandkids.

Mark was influenced by a father and grandfather who enjoyed wood working projects and in his early days, he worked for a couple of marine upholstery companies. He was asked to help out on a big cabinet project that came through the shop which led to a new career. He started his own cabinet making company which supplied custom cabinets to medical companies. He recently retired after 30 years in the cabinet making industry and now he’s building ZipKits!

He has an amazing shop with two CNC machines and pretty much every tool you could dream of. He decided to speed up the process of building three Zip’s by converting our plans for use on the CNC machine, and thus the ZipKit was born!

He built his first boat using the kit he made and was so happy with the results, that he approached us about providing the ZipKit on the Glen-L website and getting our “blessing”, so to speak. And, that’s where we are today.

Mark built a beautiful boat with the fastening & fiberglass kits and other products from Glen-L. We have all of the details about the kit in our online store as well as links to photos and a PDF flyer here.

You may have noticed that we’ve had the ZipKit in our online store for a while but we hadn’t made an official announcement until now. There’s a complete Gallery of the ZipKit so you can see all the details included in this kit. We received an email from Chris Atwood who built our Zip in 2009 and here’s his comment on the new wood kit:

“The price for the ZipKit is excellent.  Through my detailed receipts, I spent about $2200 on wood for my Zip 10 years ago and it wasn’t CNC cut to fit!!!  Great price point, it really makes sense to just buy the kit at this price. “

“I just wanted to say how enthused I am that Glen-L has offered this!  Keep up the great work!”

Your Friend,
-Chris Atwood 

Glen-L Zip built using the very first ZipKit made by Mark Molden of Benchmark Products
Glen-L ZipKit
Mark’s ZIP built from his ZipKit, won the “Best Contemporary Boat” award at the 2019 ACBS Boat Show in Arrowhead Lake, California! Congratulations Mark!

All of the details to order this kit as well as links to a PDF, Photo Gallery and pricing are in our online store. Let us know what you think!

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4 Responses to Zip Complete Wood Kit

  1. Michael Dines says:

    Hello, …. Curious re complete boat kits for other designs other than Zip? Looking at inboard design 15-17 ft. Just rec’d your catalog, …. Thx for your comments.

  2. Paul Wells Conrad says:

    I am interested in the prefab kit and the supplies to put it together. Can you itemize the cost and we will arrange the payment and shipping for the Zip Kit 14..

  3. Kester Hamilton says:

    Hi: Again if you send me a email address will send pictures of the various boats built from your plans. I cureently have several old cataloge of your plans would it be possible to get the latest. Secondly as mentioned in previous comments very interested in building the Glen L 134 ft Kit boat and apprciated the price and delivery
    Best Regards Kester 1 613 799 9495. Ottawa Canada

  4. Kester Hamilton says:

    Hi: Have built sveral Glen boats from your plans going back to 50s 8 ft 3 point hydro, 10 ft tunnel, 11ft TNT, 16 ft rampage from your plans. Now 82 years old and would like to build14 ft zip kit boat can you please send me the info, and pricing for such a kit.

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