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Riviera by Mike Yelverton

On August 26, 2019, in Builder Blogs, Inboard Powered, Plywood Construction, by Mike Yelverton

Building the Riviera was a very long journey. You will find pictures in my Gallery that show it starting a long while back. It took two phases. Phase one, in the first home and shop took me to the completion of the hull. Phase two finished the boat in my second home and shop.

By summer of 2014 I was pretty much done. Since then I have used the boat lightly, moved again, ruined a PCM engine because I did not properly winterize it, installed a brand new PCM engine – more power! – and am now trying to think about what to do with a boat I use very little. I hope you will enjoy my pictures. The boat named “Woodchuck” is a thing of beauty that gets attention wherever it goes. I took my time building it to make sure I did it right and it shows.

Riviera by Mike Yelverton
Glen-L Riviera by Mike Yelverton
Brown drink day
Note the brown drink on the trailer step
Gold leaf on the Woodchuck
New PCM EX343
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