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This is part two of Ed’s building of the Glen-L Goliath, an 18 foot tug cruiser which he is building in aluminum. Boat plans and patterns for this design are available from Glen-L Marine in our online catalog. You can read Part 1 of Ed’s blog on our site.

Hurricane “Dorian”, has passed. The eye was 80 miles off the coast and stretched from Cape Canaveral to Daytona Beach. If you don’t know hurricanes; That put the coastal cities on the west/southwest side of the storm where the winds are lower. They are the feeder bands giving strength to the storm. The highest winds are on the north/northeast side of the storm eye.


Time has flown it’s now Oct 20.

The build continues, slowly. But before going on to what is new I still have to get up to about last March. So into the “way back machine” and zzaapp!!

Were in the past.

I left off with pics of making a bulkhead for the motor well. I put a full bulkhead across frame one. Then the two side walls to complete the well. Frame one will also serve as the motor mount. I’ll need to put wood on both sides to mount the outboard.

Going back a little further… Once the hull was righted, the building support frames are removed and the final cross frames for each frame are installed.

All the building support frames have to be relocated to their final designed spots.

The frames have to be leveled in their new locations. I used a laser light to mark the side frames, clamped the new thwart frame, then welded. After getting a couple of frames in, I moved the welder and gas into the boat for better control.

This is the port catwalk and the two short frames are where the step down is going to the fore cabin. The long frame goes all the way across, for the main cabin floor. The fuel tank will be right in front of that.
The catwalks lead to the fore deck. I left the upper side walls a little long for trimming later. On the left you can again see the short frames for the step down. Attached to the flat bar of the catwalk you can see the start of the fwd. cabin walls.
The fore cabin taking shape
Forward view shows the cabin frames for the lower walls and the motor well.
I came back outside the hull to add the upper skins.
Joining a plate for the upper skin on the starboard side.
Deck framing of the catwalk.
Framing was followed by diamond plate.
Bow decking also diamond plate.
Test fitting fuel tanks–two 25 gal. tanks from RDS in Perry Fla.
My garage doors are only 8 ft. high so the cabin is only 4 ft. tall.
The rest had to be assembled on the side.
This shows two of the cabin windows, the left will slide up and the right will be fixed.
I used the ply to show how the windows will fit. There are two windows on each side.
Two windows on the front of the cabin which will open as a slide up.
The cabin roof had to be assembled from pieces. I used clamps and heavy tool and the welder to get the roof to lay flat on the slight curve that was called for.

I guess this has to be a wrap up for now. In the next I’ll show the rail caps and the back porch.

So, Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure of the intrepid welder.

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2 Responses to Building A Goliath By Ed Davis PT2

  1. Chief Ed says:

    Thanks Ray. I new friend from Miami area has been in touch. Want’s to stop by.
    I like the interest, Hope people really like what I’ve done.

  2. Raymond Wood says:

    Looking great Ed!

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