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V-Dory Builder Interview

On May 31, 2012, in News From Gayle, Videos, by Gayle Brantuk

Today I was answering questions from a potential boat builder about the V-Dory. I wanted to direct him to the video interview in this article when I discovered that I had never posted it. If I did post it somewhere, I don’t know where it went!

Life seems like that sometimes, doesn’t it? It’s just hard to keep track of all our “stuff”. Anyway, the video below was taken at G4, our 2010 Gathering of Boatbuilders.

Adam and Elaine Machala built the V-Dory and allowed us to video their boat and come on board to take a look around. They did beautiful work and added some nice touches that I think you’ll enjoy.

The V-Dory is a somewhat typical dory hull that incorporate a vee forward to provide a smoother ride. The Machala’s chose Version ‘D’ of our Dory Cabin plans so they could overnight in their boat if needed and provide shelter from the elements.

Enjoy the video!


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