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This interview was taken at the 2010 Gathering of Boatbuilders in Tennessee. Dave Lott built a beautiful version of our Riviera design.

Dave is a very active member of the Glen-L Forum so many of us feel like we were practically there during the building of his Riviera. Like many other Forum members, he shared his experiences along the way and talked through many ideas and challenges that came up during his build.

At the Gathering, many of us took rides in Dave’s Riviera and can definitely testify that that is one sweet ride! He did such a beautiful job and added many special features. You couldn’t buy a boat like this. This is a one-of-a-kind boat and Dave is deservedly a very proud owner and builder.

This is truly the benefit of building your own boat. Your boat reflects your style and craftsmanship and is such a source of pride and satisfaction. Plus, you can add features to your boat that wouldn’t even be available in a typical stock model.

What amazes me is that Dave spent only $20,000 for all the materials and motor to build this boat! This is a mahogany runabout! Turns out that he has received an offer to buy his boat for $85k–not a bad return on investment!

Dave provided a lot of information about his boat in this video as well as details on the motor and prop he used and other cool information. If you’d like to see build photos and details, Dave has a blog you can visit.

Dave named his Riviera Midnight Cry after his favoriate song made popular by the gospel quartet, Gold City.  It speaks of the day Jesus opens the heavens and calls His people home.  Dave looks forward to that day and dedicated this build to Him.

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think by posting a comment…

(This video was filmed and edited by Chris Dixon of Vineyard Productions and he’s available for your event too!)

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