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Yes, I said FUNabout, not RUNabout, although this little boat is both! The Squirt is a 10′ runabout designed for plywood construction. This little runabout is the most popular design we have and many have been built.

Over the years, there have been quite a few builders that have altered this little funabout to use a jetski motor. In this video, Terry McIntyre did just that. He didn’t go into detail on the video as to how he changed the design to allow for a jet, but he did provide some drawings and details in the Customer Photos section of our site. These were submitted long before the boat was done.

Here are a few other builders that have built or are building a Squirt modified for jet power:

In addition, there is an entire section of the Glen-L Forum dedicated to using jetski power for our designs.  And one of our clients, Larry Pullon, wrote an article detailing using a jetski in a boat in our WebLetter #50.

Terry did a beautiful job on his boat and the modifications and we are so proud of him!  This is the third Glen-L boat Terry has built and it sounds like he has plans to build another.

I had an opportunity to meet Terry and see his boat at the Gathering which is where this video was filmed. Terry is such an enthusiastic person and a delight to know. I didn’t get a chance to take a ride in his boat but sure wanted to. Ahhh, so many boats, so little time!

Glen-L boat builders are the best people! Thanks Terry for letting us take this video of you. For those of you watching the video, be sure and post a comment below…


PS This video was taken and edited by Chris Dixon of Vineyard Productions in Georgia. Chris is so good and has become a regular at our boat builder Gatherings. He is very good at asking good questions and taking the initiative with what he films. And, he’s the nicest guy… If you need video for your event, I highly recommend Chris…

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