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One of the most popular designs here at Glen-L is our Tubby Tug which is a 9 foot stitch and glue tugboat. This boat was designed with kids in mind, but it’s popular with all ages of “kids”!

Tugboat - Pug

Pug shown with cabin and ETM power version

Now we’re pleased to announce a brand spanking new design called “Pug”. This is a 13 foot stitch and glue tug boat designed for electric power. And, if I had to guess, this one is bound to be another favorite. The Pug is a double ended hull with a 6 foot beam.

This little tug can be powered with an Electric Trolling Motor (ETM) or with a DC motor driving a prop shaft.

The Electric Trolling Motor version comes with a set of our ETM plans. The ETM plans show how to convert a typical transom mounted electric trolling motor of 30 pounds or more thrust to an inboard position. A pretty novel application…

The hull has a bulwark and cabin but these can be eliminated and built as a runabout. The plans detail both versions. There is a separate set of plans though for the two different power options.

Tugboat runabout version

Pug – Runabout version with in-line power

This is a stitch and glue design so construction is simple and a very good first time project.  The bill of materials calls for 7 sheets of 1/4″ plywood so construction costs shouldn’t be too high either. Especially when you consider this boat will be a real head-turner and something you probably can’t find ready made.

We have a Stitch and Glue Kit and Fiberglass Covering Kit available specifically for the Pug for those of you who like get all your materials (except wood) together at once. We have suppliers listed for lumber and plywood by state on our site also. For all the details, available kits and to order, see our online catalog.

So what are you waiting for? This is a wonderful project to start your new year out and shouldn’t take too long either. Just do it!

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