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Building a Boat is a Rewarding Hobby

On November 17, 2010, in News From Gayle, Videos, by Gayle Brantuk

Building a boat is a challenging, rewarding and just plain fun hobby. It’s not just another project, it’s a lifetime of memories the whole family will enjoy. Many who build our boats have fond memories of helping their father build one when they were kids and all the fun they had as a family using their boat. We’d like to help you build memories like that as well…

Hi, my name is Gayle Brantuk, Vice President of Glen-L Marine Designs and daughter of Glen Witt, our founder and President. And this is my Chocolate Lab Buckshot, the official Glen-L Office greeter!

Glen-L is a family run company and since 1953, we‘ve provided boat plans and kits for beginners to build their own boat. In fact, because of our reputation and great support system, most who build our boats have never built one before. In our online Boat Plans & Kits catalog at your left, you’ll find boats for sail, power and row from 7’ to 55’ designed for plywood, fiberglass, steel or aluminum construction that you can build.

I’d like to point out a couple of unique differences that set Glen-L apart from other plan providers. First, we provide a full 30-day money back guarantee on our products because we believe in them. This is very unusual in our industry.

Second, we provide full size patterns for our designs. These are full size patterns that you lay on the wood and trace for the frames and other pieces that make up the skeleton of your boat. This will save you countless hours AND assure an accurate foundation for your boat.

Third, our online community and website is like no other. Our Boatbuilder Forum is the technical support hub of our site where builders just like you can ask questions of other experienced builders as well as build friendships through our yearly Gatherings. And on our website you’ll find hundreds of pages of resources to ensure your boatbuilding success.
Here’s what I want you to do as soon as this short video is over. First, sign up for our free online Newsletter—you’ll find the form to the right of this video. This will start you on the road to learning all about building your own boat.

Second, click on the link at the left that reads “Boat Plans Catalog and browse through our designs to find one or more boats that you’d like to build. Now remember that most save 40% – 50% from the cost of a manufactured boat by building it themselves, so the sky’s the limit! Pick something that you’d love to see yourself driving! Imagine the pride you’ll feel when you’re stopped by people asking how they can get a beautiful boat like yours! This happens all the time to builders of Glen-L boats.

Well, that should get you started and if you have any questions, click on the “Contact Us” link and shoot us an email or give us a call. Let us know how we can help. I’ll talk to you soon in our Free Online Newsletter—don’t forget to sign up today so you don’t miss out!

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