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Glen-L Boats In Action!

On November 5, 2010, in News From Gayle, Videos, by Gayle Brantuk

(Video by Chris Dixon of Vineyard Productions)

Here’s the video you’ve been waiting for! Now you can see about 30 boats in action from the 2010 Gathering in Tennessee. See these hand-crafted boats frolicking in the water, jumping wakes and having a heck of a lot of fun!

Here’s a listing of the boats in this video with a link to our catalog page where you can find more info. I’ve also attempted to describe them so you can tell which is which:

Bo Jest – Tom Smitherman (red & white large tug)

Bull’s-Eye – Mark Chadwick (white sails)

Double Eagle – Ken Schott (no cabin), Gordon Groenvelt (blue & white lobster boat)

Dragonfly –  Ed Grizzle (Griz) – Blue exterior, wood interior open garvey

Glen-L 14 sail boat – Kenny Cooper (multi-colored sail)

Hot Rod – Paul Kane (fast boat thay may be finished one year :) )

Malahini – Sam Witherington (red & white runabout)

Missile – Gary Steinkamp (yellow ski boat)

Monaco – Bruce Dow (red upholstery) and David Barrett (white bottomed mahogany runabout)

Riviera – Dave Lott (mahogany runabout with rounded windshield & white/red upholstery)

Sea Knight – Bob Maskel (blue & white cabin cruiser)

Squirt – Allen Blackwell–jet powered versions by Kevin Brown and Terry McIntyre

Super Spartan hydro – Mark Anderson

Tahoe Mahogany Runabouts – Bill Edmundson (A Girl Named Lola) & Butch Barto (Innocence)

True Grit – Ray Macke (large yellow and white cruiser)

Tubby Tug mini tugs – Kevin Brown (light blue & white) & Kevin Murphy (dark blue & white)

V-Dory – Adam Machala (white skiff with cabin)

Zip – Chris Atwood (mahogany runabout with blue bottom)

Non-Glen-L Designs:

Jimmy70′s own creation–the red hydro

Lola’s Tug – Bill Edmundson “red/white/blue mini-tug”

Stevenson Weekender – Keith MacLean (sailboat with pirate flag)

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