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Flats Flyer by Jonathan Watts, Amite, Louisiana

Updated October 2014 Updated August 2014 31 March 2014

Flats Flyer by Tom Saccio, Blounts Creek, North Carolina

Last Update 12 June 2014 Update 17 March 2014 Update 7 November 2013 Update 12 August 2013 July 11, 2013

Flats Flyer by Jacob Kimbrough, Friendswood, Texas

31 March 2014 The construction time was right around 480 hrs. The rigging was another 40 hours. The whole boat does not contain a piece of wood. It is all composite foam core/fiberglass/carbon panels (proset epoxy/vacuum bagged). I stretched it to 19\'9\" LOA. The hull weighed in at 860lbs. I was pretty conservative in the amount of fiber I used as well as the core selections. If I had to do it over again I could knock 100lbs out of the finished weight easily. I build high performance composite structures for a living. I used my company facility at night and on the weekends for the build. All in all I did it over a 10 month span.

Flats Flyer by Ken Moss, Merritt Island, Florida

We are fairing the frames now and should have the sides on by mid-September. Thanks for all the help.

Flats Flyer by Capt. Trick Standing

Flats Flyer 20+\' by Capt. Trick Standing, Virginia Beach, Virginia February 27, 2009 Here are some pictures of the Flats Flyer streched out to 20+ feet. This is a cool build. I should get some sheets fitted this weekend.

Flats Flyer by Phil Coyne, Slaughter, Louisiana

October 2017 A while back I purchased the Glen-L Flats Flyer plans. From last September thru this May I completed the boat in about 1200 hours. I did make some modifications such as a deeper cockpit to accommodate my young grandchildren, and placed a bench seat all the way across. Also, I installed one of Yamaha's relatively new 70hp four strokes (which weighed 130 pounds less then their 75). The boat runs 32 mph with three aboard and is very, very stable. I did overbuild somewhat with all the ribs being white oak, and sandwiched white oak into the transom also. All was then covered with three coats of your Poxy Shield inside, and two layers of fiberglass on the exterior, so it is a bit heavier than the plans suggest. The trim is white oak and mahogany on the cockpit interior and decks. Attached below are the construction photos pretty well documenting the entire process. I thought you and your company might be interested in seeing these. I assisted my uncle as a young man building boats south of New Orleans. He taught me much about the process. Best regards and thank you for the great plans for this boat, and your company's products, many of which were used to complete the hull. Enjoying the boat a whole lot. It’s really a fine stable hull.


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