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L Dorado by William & Elizabeth Quigley, South Africa

5 February 2011 Built in 1968 by a craftsman furniture maker from Rhodesian Teak and Marine Plywood, it still runs the original 1969 Chrysler 55 outboard. We found it neglected in a boat locker in South Africa.

L Dorado by John Christie and Sons, New Zealand

3 February 2011 This L Dorado built in NZ by John Christie & his 3 young sons about 1960 powered with a 30 hp Mercury.

L Dorado by Dan King

Subject: L Dorado, Utility Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 Stumbled on your web site & had to reminisce a bit. Thought someone might be interested in these old pictures. I built the \"Utility\" around 56-57. The \"L Dorado\" I did in 58 or 59, both while in High School. Performed well with a \"Merc-400\" hung on the back. Great boat. Glad to see you are still offering the plans. I am wondering if anyone is still interested in that design. Your plans were contagious in our neighborhood. We had a neighbor who built the \"Swish\" a year before, & another who did the \"Nimrod\" before that. Dan King

L-dorado by Matt Guzzetta , Spring Valley, CA

Date: 4-18-03 Hello Glen L, I wrote to you some time ago about an L Dorado I built while in High School in Vallejo California in 1959. I had a Ford V8 60 in the boat at that time and took it out before I went into the service for 4 years. In 1963, the V8 was replaced with a Ford Falcon 6. The boat had a Halibrand V-Drive and a 7 degree shaft log which put the V-Drive under the middle of the deck! The boat ran well and I have a few slides of the boat with my girlfriend at the time driving. I have attached them as JPG\'s. The photos are not super quality but do show that the boat did run well as an inboard. Hope you enjoy the pics. If you have any questions, just e-mail me back and I will try to answer them. Thanks for making such great designs and frame kits! Best regards, Matt Guzzetta Spring Valley, CA

L.Dorado by J. Kwakkel, WL Nijmegen, Netherlands

Subject: L.DORADO Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 17:18:57 +0200 From: Jan& Rita Dear Mr, Miss, Recently I discovered your website and like to tell you a little story. Around 1958 (I\'m now 64) I ordered the plans for the L.Dorado from you. I built this boat with a lot of pleasure. Attached you will find three pictures of the L.Dorado as I had built it then. In the picture with three persons you will see my two nephews sitting next to me. The middle one with the glasses built the Tuffy at a later age. Pictures of this boat are already on your website (Y.W. Kwakkel, Holland). I thought it would be nice for you to know and maybe I will see my L.Dorado on your site. With kind regards, J. Kwakkel 6543 WL Nijmegen The Netherlands


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