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It’s a sunny afternoon and the lake is smooth like glass as you launch your boat. As she slides gently, quietly into the water, you jump in and start up the motor. The rumble and roar of the powerful engine makes your heart jump. Imagine all that power at your fingertips. You back her out, turn her around and gun the throttle. Off she goes like a rocket as you experience the exhilaration and excitement of all that speed at your control. This is your boat. You built it yourself. You have reason to be proud.

As promised in our last email, I’m featuring our Riviera design as built by one of our Australian clients. Andrew recently completed his boat and boy, does he have a lot to be proud of! I’m sure heads turn when he drives this beauty on the water.

Glen-L Riviera Classic Mahogany Runabout    

Glen-L Riviera Classic Mahogany Runabout

The Riviera is a 20′ classic mahogany runabout built using plywood and cold-molded veneers. I’m sure many of you will remember drooling over boats like this as a kid. This design is one of our most popular and one that we have received many photos for as shown in the Customer Photos section of our website. A complete description of the Riviera is found in our Online Catalog.

So, grab a friend, your son or daughter, dad, brother, spouse or just your own self and decide to build the boat you have always wanted. What a fun project and imagine the pride of being able to say, “I built it myself”…

Glen-L Riviera Classic Mahogany Runabout

Check out our Online Catalog of over 300 proven designs for the beginning builder. Each design provides details, photos and a bill of materials so you can find just what you are looking for.

Your Thoughts?

9 Responses to Build Your Dream Boat #4

  1. Rex Black says:

    Enjoyed the article about the Riviera. It is similar to the Chris Craft Capri I restored.
    My first Glen-L was an 8 ball in 1967, it served as a training boat for my 3 kids. I am planning to build another Glen-L similar to your Renegade.

  2. Michael S Noble says:

    I love these boats. I do have a history with them when I was a teenager. I grew up on a lake in Ohio that had two of the most beautiful mahogany speed boats I’ve ever seen. Dinamite and Firecracker. Thanks for the emails.

  3. Roy says:

    I no longer appreciate motor boats; have a 24’Vodka that hasn’t seen water in three years.
    Retired now, not enough people to crew a large sail.
    what I am looking for is a day sailer I can handle alone, or with my spouse on the Great Lakes (Huron).

  4. David Baxter says:

    I’ve been looking at building one of your Mahogany boats for some time now. I’ve caught the Glen L Bug. I’ve settled on the Riviera for my First boat. Purchased the study plans and am reading the book Boatbuilding with Plywood. Thanks for bringing some amazing Boat designs to market for the armature Boatbuilder. Can’t wait to start mine.

  5. Anthony Lalli says:

    Thank you very much for the e-mails you send. I must truley confess you are keeping and making stronger the fires in me to get this boat I want alive. Thanks! Because of your encourangement I have made up my mind to purchase all materials from you because of your honest interest and work for your business. Good companies like the one you have are very hard to find. Your efforts make the sun shine a little brighter upon Glen-L. THANKS

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