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On August 17, 2012, in News From Gayle, by Gayle Brantuk

Article Courtesy of Newfound Woodworks Inc. :








One way to make your boat unique is to add some graphics.  These aren’t ‘decals’ as such but actually anything you can print on rice paper.  Rice paper is very thin, like tissue paper.  You can get it at an art supply store, but there are many kinds and only very thin material will work.  Print on it with your computer printer by taping to a carrier sheet.  Once printed, trim off most of the excess rice paper and lay it under the cloth when you do your cloth wet out. The epoxy will make the paper go clear and the ink will stay.  Finish by applying filler coats of epoxy as usual, sand and varnish.  Now you have a nice graphic buried under the fiberglass; it will never come off!
We install the hull identification number on our boats by this same method.

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