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True Grit Builder Upgrades

On September 13, 2011, in Power Cruisers, WebLetters, by Gayle Brantuk

True GritIf you’ve been following our blog, you most likely watched the interview of Ray Macke who built the True Grit , a 25 foot Sportfish Utility Cruiser extended to 27′. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

Ray and his wife have logged about 60 hours on their boat and spent 9 nights aboard and are truly enjoying themselves! We look forward to seeing Ray and Vicky and their True Grit at the Gathering this weekend in Tennessee. If you want to see some Glen-L boats in person, be sure and join us–info is on our website.

The beautiful thing about building your own boat is that you can tweak it as you need. Ray has made some recent changes and detailed them in the fascinating and entertaining article below…

Corrections & Adjustments

With Seaquinn’s first season behind us, the spring of 2011 brought the opportunity for a few corrections and adjustments to several items.  Overall I have been pleased with the boat but still there a few areas I felt needed to be addressed.

The Table

One of the first was the table in the saloon. During the build I struggled with the entire dining space, as it was extremely tight trying to incorporate the layout I wanted.  The table needed to be kept as narrow as possible but still be usable for eating and such.  I also wanted the chairs to have room to rotate 90 degrees and allow comfortable viewing of the LCD TV that would be situated on the countertop when in use.  To accommodate both positions, I designed the table top with two folding wings that would drop down and allow more space when sitting 90 degrees to the top.

This sort of worked but when rotating the chairs the arms would hit click here to read the rest of the article on Ray’s blog.


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  1. Glenn Holland says:

    When I saw your boat, I had a feeling I had seen it on the water somewhere. My wife and I spent a night on the Delta Queen in Sept. of 2010. Was that your boat docked directly across the river? Anyway, I like your kind of building methods. Good and practical! Beautiful boat. Thanks for the inspiration and details in your blog.
    Glenn Holland

  2. […] us through the upgrades he made to to his True Grit. We detailed his changes in a previous blog post that you can read here, but it’s so much more fun to have Ray actually show and describe what he […]

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