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Glen-L History Photo #2

On December 9, 2011, in History Photo of the Week, by Gayle Brantuk
1950’s Draft Room–Click photo to enlarge
This is where the magic happens! This is our drafting room where all of our boat designs have been created. Glen is in the foreground of the photo using the drafting table that he made himself. It had a radio built into it and lots of handy drawers.  Jack Rouse is on the other draft table. Jack worked on the Albert E and Islander.
The lady on the left is Phyllis Kasenburg who was one of our very first office staff. Phyllis is still a friend of ours and visited Glen about a month ago. My mother and Phyllis were very close and I grew up with her oldest son Kary.
This is still the drafting room we use, but the window is gone because we added a room behind this one where we blueprint. This is also where our epoxy, supplies, fiberglass cloth and hardware are stored ready to be shipped out to you. Below is our current drafting room.

Today's drafing room

Today's drafting room--Click photo to enlarge

 The table at the right is the same one in the old photo. When Ken Hankinson worked with us, he used the flat table in the back and Glen still used his table. These days, Glen uses the flat table almost exclusively. And yes, he’s still designing! We are currently working on the finishing touches on another mahogany runabout. More to come on that later…

Glen writes a lot on the computer at the back left. The large 2-door cabinets on the left house all of Glen’s reference books as well as photos and high 8 tapes (remember those?)  that were taken in our shop to develop all of the DVD’s we have today. There are also binders with design notes on our boats.

The cabinets in front of those with the skinny horizontal drawers are where all the study plans, oversize instructions, original artwork and ad stuff is kept.

Now you know! Watch for next week’s history photo…


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6 Responses to Glen-L History Photo #2

  1. Denis Jetté says:


    I’m a draftman for almost 20 years now and I work mostly on computer at work and occasionally on drafting table to redraw old parts of automated machine and remake old template made by our toolers and the pictures of the drafting room here inspired me a lot !!!

    I have my own drafting room at home and I have a lot of old stuff that I use and I was wondering if it is possible to have more pictures, especially the board on the back…

    As I can see I thing there is two T square, a complete set Copenhagen Ship Curves, a standard mechanical french curve set, a brush, a standard 45 and 30-60 triangle and an erase shield… On the drafting table there is a couple of spline weight and a ink well and a K&E Drafting Machine like the Paragon model. But I dont know the brand of the drafting table ?

    On the other drafting table there is a thru point pencil sharpener, a slide rule and a K&E drafting machine like the other one.

    On the flat file cabinet there is a case but not sure what it contain ?

    So if it is not too personal can you add more pictures of the drafting room or can you send them to me by email it will be most appreciated.

    Keep me posted !

    Thank you !

  2. Thanks for all the great comments! The new runabout is 19′ 3″. We’ll provide details in an email and/or post soon!

  3. Carl Kesselmark says:

    Dear Gayle,

    Fantastic photo, It brings back memories from my first designer job in 1983 designing heavy machinery for the steel mills, gearboxes the size of garden sheds for the rollers, 400 ton hydraulic presses also aso. the company was old but well renowned still using drawing tables from the 50/60is. All drawings from 1950 and onwards kept for references. And the directeur/owner: 70 years of age, black suit, white starch shirt, walking pace of a sprinter, last known to smile spring 1974 but no actual witnesses! we all stood to attention behind our desks just in case he would storm in..but he knew his trade for sure

    A new runabout! please let it be a “Riva Ariston” I have with your study drawings combined the barrelback19 and the Tahoe 19, and scaled it up to 25 feet, but I’s much rather have a real design

    Thanks for the “memory lane kick”


    Carl from Sweden

  4. Dana says:

    Who needs cad! If it aint mass produced or broke, don’t change nothing

  5. Bob Sutton says:

    Thanks for the Drafting Room pictures. I am a retired draftsman (petrochemical, mechanical). These pictures sure brought back some memories. I had a 20 year career based on taking two high school courses, a Technical College course and years of self-study. My interest now is in Yacht Design and keeping up with the Glen-L designs, among others. I always look forward to emails from Glen-L.

    Bob Sutton
    League City, TX

  6. keith pachiano says:

    Way too kool! I started drafting when I was in Jr. High in Riverside Ca. 1967. It was called industrial arts! Something that’s has been eliminated from most school curriculum ….very sad! I also started woodworking back then I was not into boats at that time but that experience has led me to a life long association with drafting, design and woodworking. I have been a shipwright since 1992 and currently repair, build, and restore boats. I also build and repair fine furniture. It’s nice to see someplace with such a tradition!!! Keep up the good work.


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