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Glen-L History Photo #4

On January 6, 2012, in History Photo of the Week, News From Gayle, by Gayle Brantuk

Glen L. Witt, Naval Architect at work–click to enlarge

First Glen-L Office in Compton, CA – 1953–click to enlarge

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  1. […] may remember History Photo #4 where I talked about the very first Glen-L office and our dealer program. The display that was […]

  2. Robert Roma says:

    I’m really enjoying your “Glen-L History” feature in your E Mails. It adds the personal touch that is lacking in so many family owned businesses these days.You are doing a great job.It is truly the “American Dream ” to see an American company continue to thrive thanks to the innovative efforts of the Founder’s daughter ! And the thing I love the most is that Glen-l Plans don’t have “Made in China ” stamped on them !

  3. Dennis Gallup says:

    In 1960 may dad and the nieghbour across the alley were building a Glen l design . That was in the spring. They desided to make a couple of changes to the plans so they loaded me into the car and we drove all the way to the company from Calgary alberta. It was a long trip but I got to see how the boats were designed and lots of other stuff. They got the changes layed out for them on the plans and they didn’t charge them anything. The boat was built that summer and it was finnaly retired in michigan about 3 yrs ago.I was 6 at the time and it was one trip I will never forget.

    • Gayle Brantuk says:

      What a neat story! I can’t believe your dad drove all the way here for change questions–that’s true dedication to building a boat! Thank you so much for sharing this…

  4. Great story I love the history of you company,I first learned of Glen-L from Noah’s in Toronto Canada.

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