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_UDO9365Just  a few pics of my Barrelback which I completed in October 2015 using Glen L plans. The boat runs a Ford pcm 351W engine which I built from the ground up.The steering is hydraulic which in retrospect was overkill but nice to have.I also fitted a hydraulic engine hatch lifter which makes small adjustments a breeze


She was a little heavy but still performs well

She was a little heavy but still performs well





IMG_0631The headers were from Hitek Marine Australia as this is the only chap who gives a five year warranty in salt water.





The seats and side panels were done in leather and the clock cluster is removable to access the wiring which is all silicone.




IMG_0738The trailer is also Glen L plans which worked out well with a few minor modifications.




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2 Responses to Barrelback 20 By Greg Walters

  1. Greg Walters says:

    Hi Don I worked on and off on her over a two year period.I could have done it a bit quicker but life just gets in the way



  2. Don Collier says:

    Looks absolutely beautiful. How long did it take to build it? I am in the process of building a Riviera.

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