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We’ve been following Roberta Hegy as she builds her second boat, the Super Spartan 10′ hydroplane. Her first boat was the Zip and we are so excited to have her on video telling about her beautiful boat in today’s interview.

Just as Roberta has provided great detail on her Super Spartan build, she was just as thorough, maybe even more so, with keeping us updated on her Zip build too. Her entire build is documented on the Glen-L Forum–there are 66 pages of posts and this is an excellent primer for anyone building a plywood boat.

Roberta Hegy isn’t new to building things. She has also built two airplanes. She built a Sea Ray and an RV-7A so this is one very talented woman! All of her builds have been named after Oliver who was her pet Macaw. He enjoyed flying with she and her husband Rich in their airplane. They lost him in 1998, so now he flies (and boats) with them in spirit.

At the 2010 Gathering, I wanted to interview Roberta, but since she had just started building, she said she wanted to wait until the next year when she hoped to have it done. You see, there aren’t many women boat builders so I was anxious to get her on tape! I hope you all enjoy the interview!

Thank you Roberta for letting us do this video and for your many contributions to boat builders. You are truly an inspiration!

Roberta and her RV-7A which she completed in 2004!


Zip by Roberta Hegy

Roberta's Zip at the 2011 Gathering of Boatbuilders in Tennessee






Roberta found these cool step plates on Ebay



Roberta & Rich enjoying Oliver IV!




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