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Building the Glen-L Tuffy Part 4

On October 18, 2019, in Outboard Powered, by Paul Vankeppel
Pluto at the boat ramp, the toe strip and bow nav light platform have not yet been mounted.

Final Product

Finally, after some finishing touches here and there, Pluto was finished. She drives and handles beautifully and the 30 HP gets it up to around 32 miles per hour. It has plenty of power for pulling a wakeboard, even with three people on board. Being such a small, light boat with a relatively flat bottom, it does not deal well with chop and gets real bumpy and wet. But on a calm morning it jumps on a plane and glides across the water comfortably.

Enjoy the rest of the photos. I will upload a whole lot more in a gallery once I get the chance. Thank you for reading!

At the boat ramp for an early launch. Toe rail, rub strip and bow light platform have not been finished yet.
Pulling a wakeboard easily at 1/3 throttle.
Evening outing with perfect conditions.
Choppy water and full throttle leave the boat a little bit wet.
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3 Responses to Building the Glen-L Tuffy Part 4


    Paul, your boat looks great. I’ve been wanting to build a boat for a very long time, but am concerned about the cost. Including plans, supplies, and motor, how much was all this?

  2. Dan Hennis says:

    That is just plain beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow….Paul, nice work and great finishing. Hope you enjoy your boat for many years to come!

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