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Building a boat as a hobby is alive and well! In spite of current economic times, people are still building boats. They may not be laying down huge sums of moolah for a brand spankin’ new boat, but the desire to create a boat with ones own two hands is more popular than it’s ever been.

We thought it would be fun to show you the 10 most popular Glen-L designs. The winners are based on the number of plans & patterns sold. And the winners are… drum roll please:

#10 Super Spartan – 10′ Hydroplane

Super Spartan built by Steve Wells

Super Spartan built by Steve Wells


#9 Stripper – A 16′ or 17′ Strip Planked Canoe

Stripper built by John R










#8 Sabotina – An 8′ Sail/Row Pram

Glen-L Sabotina as built by Michael George - 010

Sabotina as built by Michael George



#7 Imp – 10′ Flat Bottom Rowboat

Imp built by Warren Lyon

Imp built by Warren Lyon

#6 Flats Flyer – An 18-1/2′ Florida Flats Boat

Flats Flyer built by Steve Miller

Flats Flyer built by Steve Miller

#5 Tubby Tug – A 9′ Stitch & Glue Tug Boat

Tubby Tug by Bob Ellison

Tubby Tug built by Bob Ellison




#4 Barrelback – A 19′ Mahogany Barrelback Runabout

Barrelback 19 by James Hurley-17

Barrelback 19 built by James Hurley











#3 Malahini – A 16′ Classic Outboard Runabout

Malahini built by George Redden

Malahini built by George Redden










#2 Zip – A 14′ Classic Runabout

Zip built by Pat Wilkening

Zip built by Pat Wilkening

**WINNER** #1 Squirt – 10′ Runabout

Squirt built by Jeff Cobb

Squirt built by Jeff Cobb

So…. which one are you going to build???

Your Thoughts?

24 Responses to Top 10 Boat Plans

  1. Martin_Holland says:

    I love #5 the Tubby Tug (maybe a bit bigger) I’m a fan off “work boats” I live in the Netherlands, don’t know if there are some boats in The Netherlands build from your plans, but I love’m (although I think I never can build one)

    Keep up the good work/

  2. Bill Meachum says:

    I,m in the construction phase of a Tubby Tug, for my grandson. He’s only 16 months old so I’ve got time, but the project is great. I’ve added a round section stern as others have done and it is coming along nicely. The cabin will be removable for a gaff rig sailing arrgt. It is propelled by a built in electric trolling motor for silent running.
    Again it is a great project.
    With a recent addition of a grand daughter, I’ve another obligation in the future, and am perusing the catalog for just the right boat for her. Later, Bill

  3. Jeremy says:

    Thank you. I guess I hope you get a few years of fun times on your boat before it rots…

  4. Jeremy says:

    Screw you and your blog, Gayle. I hope your boat rots.

  5. Harold Carter says:

    Gayle dear, I love looking at most any boat picture. It is nice to know what people are building. Thanks for this listing. You may be interested to know I’ve owned two boats (27′ Chris Craft cabin cruiser, 19′ foot Bayliner inboard), built three hot air balloons and owned dozens, built one hovercraft and presently own three and concerning your list, I seem to be drawn to that beautiful Strip Planked Canoe!

  6. JOHN ASPINALL says:

    Gayle this is first time I have blogged and will only be doing with your site. Regards John

  7. Gaylord Vermilyea says:

    Aloha Gayle,
    I’ve been in the industry since 1953 and have seen a lot happen in the industry. There are exciting changes happening everyday. Most of them contribute to the quality of the boating industry. Conversation and discussion of new ideas through the “Blog” is a good information tool. I think you have made a good move and I expect you to be a leader in your part of the industry for another 60 years.

  8. RON SMITH says:

    Nice jod on the blog site and now I have another boat to build out of your Top 10 LIst.

  9. Keith Hills says:

    Not surprised the Zip came in high on the list, even if it was called a 14′ runabout.
    I was looking at the photo of Pat Wilening’s zip and cant see any engine well. Looked on the Glen-L web site and can’t see any there either. Would love to see more photos of Pat’s interior if any are available.

  10. Dave Phillips says:

    great idea!,but wheres my sea knight? lol

  11. joe geronimo says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog, it’s very informative…..MORE POWER……

  12. […] my post about the Top 10 Designs, I had a request for the top 10 sailboat designs. So, here it is! Once again, these are the top 10 […]

  13. Thanks Gayle – I like it!

    With all the possibilities you have to offer, I didn’t see my boat either. Have my sights set on the tugboat Fred Murphy (with a Titan style wheel house and dry stack). Waiting on our Michigan Spring to break ground on the pole barn then starting the boat this Fall. I imagine we’ll be old friends by the time my tugboat “Charlie” gets to sea trials.

    Thanks for doing what you do!

  14. Steve Killick says:

    Blogging – a great idea. Although I may be biased, I’m a Windows .NET programmer during the day so technology is my friend. 🙂

    I’m currently building – very slowly – an aluminum 20.5′ Kokanee Sportfisher. It’s a great project but I wish more folks were using aluminun so I could learn from them and see the great workmanship that I’m trying to emulate.

    Since August 2011 I have completed the building form and frames 1, 2 and 6. Like I said, slowly building. But it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon in my mind.

    Love the blog idea.

  15. Dan Hennis says:

    Well, this is different, Gayle. First, I guess I’m going to have to step it up and build more boats ’cause I did not see my fav in the list. Second, I am afraid Gayle, this is the closest thing you will see, of me “blogging”. I’d much rather be in the shop building! It looks good though. Hope the others like it.
    Cheers Mates!

  16. Ross Gardner says:

    The blog format may work out much better and it could encourage debate which would be interesting

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