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Power-Row-Skiff by Jon Anders, Fountain Valley, CA

October 30, 2020 - (Photos sent in 2006) Construction took 7 months of evenings and weekends. I modified the plans slightly to suit my needs for a small fishing boat for light tackle bay and lake fishing. I added 2" aft and 4" fwd to the freeboard and racked the bow fwd another 5 degrees or so. The hull and all interior structure is 5mm amazica waterproof ply. All the stringers and cleats are the lightest Sitka Spruce I could find. The bottom is 2" devinicell foam core for rigidity and flotation. The exterior is 3 oz. epoxy glass with Sterling LP finish, the interior is epoxy sealed and also LP finished with non-skid decks. Foam flotation was used in compartments where possible. My goal was to build the lightest, fastest, and strongest boat I could. The bottom is coated with teflon bottom paint. Equipment includes: Furuno color fathometer, gps plotter, bait tank and pump, automatic bilge pump, bruce anchor, gel battery and charging system, swivel seats, wireless trolling motor and down rigger. She tops out at about 25 mph on smooth water with with me alone!

Power-Row Skiff by Mark Coleman, El Mirage, Arizona

Update 8 October 2013 I finished fiberglassing the Eazy Peazy and am just about finished painting her. Last night I was putting on a coat and snapped a few pics at sunset - really striking so I thought I\'d pass them along. Update 7 May 2013 I had a great weekend at my favorite trout lake here in Arizona so I thought I share some pictures. I’m still tinkering with the Peazy but have all the major construction finished. Like I said in the previous email, she handles nicely, has plenty of speed (plus the 15 hp sips the fuel) and gets many compliments. Another well done set of plans – thanks as always for your help. Ok – what do I build next? --- bbm (boat building maniac – one of the nicest compliments I received in a while ;-) Update 22 April 2013 I’ve had lots going on lately but I am almost finished with the Eazy Peazy so I thought I would send in an update. I took her out this weekend to Lees Ferry on the Colorado river (just upriver from the Grand Canyon). It was a beautiful weekend, we caught boat loads of trout, and the Peazy performed impeccably. She moved up river nicely (even with 2 people, Peyton and a 7 mph current), handled great in the swift currents and was a joy to fish out of. Of course, I got compliments from most of the boaters that were within earshot. I even had one of the river guides bring his clients over to see the “hand-crafted” boat. This is the perfect design for this type of water and the minimal draft kept me off the bottom in the shallow spots (some places just under a foot of water). So, in addition to having an eye-catching work of functional art – I also broke the curse of Santiago in her first outing (you may recall he was the main character in “Old man and the sea” that went 84 days without catching a fish before he landed the big one). I should have most of the final touches done by this weekend. I’ll let you know when she’s complete – I’ve already started on the Sabotina and have my eye on the plans for the Chunky Dory as well. --- Captain Happy & P-dog Update 2 April 2013 Still haven’t had the water test but will definitely get her in the water this weekend. I hope to put the engine on tonight. Update 20 March 2013 I hope to flip the Eazy Peazy tonight and start working on the interior – all the bottom trim is done and I put a touch up layer of paint on this morning (see pics + cute Peyton pic). If everything goes smoothly, I hope to get it registered and do a water test this weekend  Update 20 March 2013 A few brand new photos (plus the obligatory cute Peyton pic) – I put the first layer of paint on this morning after 3 layers of poxy-shield. I hope to build a couple of these and try and sell ‘em to support my habit. So, I’ll be getting a lot more supplies from you guys soon. Update 15 March 2013 Photos of the planking going on – one more side piece to glue (drilled the screw holes this morning before work). The bottom is basically ready as well and I have to say, everything has been “easy peazy”. I learned a lot from my first boatbuild and this one is so much more straight forward. Update 26 February 2013

Power-Row Skiff by Rod Denley, Roscommon, Michigan

Update July 2013 I have finished my Glen-L Power-Row Skiff. Your plans and materials were great and everything worked out very well. I wanted a large flat bottom skiff for my nephews to fish and chase turtles with that would be stable and safe during the summer and have the same qualities for 63 year-old me in the fall hunting ducks and geese from a floating blind. As you can see I built the forms out of 3/4 inch plywood and epoxied them so they could remain in place after construction in place of the oak knees. I also thickened the thwarts since people are always jumping in and out from the dock. I added extra limber holes for the water to run to the back. It was great fun to build and got lots of positive feedback. The first trip to the duck marsh was great and setting decoys was a breeze due to the stability. It runs nicely with a 6hp and is really great with a second person in the front. I have a 16-foot aluminum fishing boat as well as 2 12-foot aluminum boats and this is by far a much nicer fishing/hunting boat. I choose this design since 50 years ago I helped my father build a 14-foot flat iron skiff which we used for years. Every boat I was in after that never really compared until now. Thanks again. April 2013

Power-Row Skiff by Michael Spangler, Soap Lake, (Eastern) Washington

14-foot Glen-L Power-Row Skiff, started 2010, launched 2011.

Power-Row Skiff by Jim Martin, San Antonio, Texas

October 2017 I thought I would pass along the attached photo of the 12 1/2' skiff I recently completed. We'll power with 5 hp Mercury. This was a first time project. I purchased the plan, resins and fiberglass from Glen-L. Had a great time building the boat, relearned a lot of geometry, and best of all, I built this for my granddaughter! Thanks!


3 Responses to Power-Row Skiff Design

  1. Eric Youngstrom says:

    Terrific Job!!

    Which Power-Row Skiff did you build? Is it fiber glassed? Would you make any part of it beefier?
    Thank you, and congratulations!

  2. Erich says:


    I live in Surprise, AZ. Where do you get your marine plywood?

    • Mark Coleman says:

      Hi Erich,

      The best source in the valley is “City Plywood”. He has numerous sizes (thickness) and has resonable prices. You can get 3/4″ from Woddworkers Source (which is where I buy my hardwood) but it is expensive (~$100 a pop).
      Hope this helps. BTW – ck out my other build on the Cruisette page.

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