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Awards are Given–You Win!

On November 9, 2010, in News From Gayle, by Gayle Brantuk

Each year at the Gathering, Lauren and Bill Edmundson put together an “Awards” ceremony. Now, before visions of Academy Awards and red carpets start filling your mind, let me ‘splain.

These are totally fun awards that cannot be sought after or earned by any measure. They are completely at the whim of Lauren and Bill. In past years there have been awards like Best Legs, Nuts & Bolts, No Show Joe and Tom Sawyer.

As always, Bill was the emcee for this year’s Awards ceremony and he started off by saying, “if we offend you, we did good!” So, you get the idea…

The first award was left over from two years ago and Bill asked Brian Dow to come forward to present it.

Brian started off by asking his “son” Denzil to come up and he handed him the award. Denzil said that this was his award from the Gathering in Guntersville which was held in October and very cold.

At that time, while the awards were being given out, Denzil piped up and said that he should get an award for the best tan in October and everyone howled. Denzil’s “best tan” award also came with sunscreen and he really got a kick out of that!

Veta and Denzil Duncan–Best Tan Award

The next award was a tie for “The Cutest Tugboat Captain” which went to Abby Wilson and Elly Eason. These girls had lots of fun in the mini tugboats and Abby’s grandpa also built a full size tug, the Bo Jest.

Elly, Daisy & Abby–Best Tugboat Captains

Terry Mac (McIntyre) was called to the front and Bill had a “story” to tell. He related that apparently Terry wanted his wife to come with him to the Gathering, but she refused. “She didn’t want to come because we are all a bunch of rednecks!” as Bill tells the story. Terry said that she actually referred to us as “Internet Boatbuilding Rednecks!” And, that’s what his award was for—the “Best Internet Redneck”.

Squirt Boat Builder

Terry, the “Best” Internet Redneck

Michael Romanick received the “Most Unique Boat” award. His boat is a beautiful canoe with a canvas awning that is really striking. Michael thought his award was so sweet… awwww.

Michael Row Your Boat...

Michael’s Most Unique Boat

The “Deck Swabber” award went to Colonel Wiley Ashley who as a newcomer to the event, worked his sweet patooti off cleaning up and helping out.

Boat people

“Deck Swabber” Wiley & me in Lola’s boat

“Party of the Year” award went to Keith MacLean (Gaffrig) because all of our partying took place on and around his Stevenson weekender sailboat. His special gift with award was one that everyone wanted—the famed hammer/bottle opener combo.

Boat Builder Keith

Keith McLean on his Stevenson Weekender–Official Party Boat!

Bruce Dow referred to the docking of his Monaco as a “controlled crash” throughout the weekend. So his dad Brian got the award for “Best Deck Hand” for always being at the ready to keep Bruce’s beautiful Monaco from being a crash test dummy.

Boatbuilder Dad

Best Deck Hand Brian Dow with Bill

Kevin Brown won the “Fastidiots” Award for the best boat name. His jet-powered Squirt doesn’t disappoint in living up to its name!

Fastidiots who build boats

Kevin Brown’s award-winning boat name

Jet Squirt

Kevin’s “Fastidiots” jet-powered Squirt

Bob Maskel almost didn’t make it to G4 in spite of trailering his Sea Knight from Minnesota for each past Gathering. Not too long before this year’s event, a jet ski launched itself into the side of Bob’s boat, damaging it and coming darn close to him as well. Bob got the “Crash Dummy” award.

Sea Knight Cruiser Boat Plans

Bob the Crash Dummy (almost)

The “Not-quite-the-Iron-Chef” award went to Bill Shaw for organizing all the food for the event. This is quite a chore and a well deserved award!

Bill Shaw splashes his Malahini

Bill in his not-quite finished Malahini won the Not-Quite-The-Iron Chef Award–ironic

Ray Macke won the “Big Dog” Award for having the largest boat, the True Grit names “Sea Quinn”. Bill said he’s getting tired of calling Ray up for yet another award as he’s won several times in past years.

Trailerable Sportfish Utility Cruiser

Ray’s True Grit–the Big Dog

Jimmy Gilbert is active on the Forum and has shared over the years of his health issues. He brought along a whole lot of boatbuilding treasures to give away this year because he’s not sure he’ll be able to build another boat. Yet, he continues to come to the Gatherings—one year he came with a cast on his arm because he fell off an 8′ ladder while building a shed! Jimmy got a watch plus the “Timex” award because he takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.

Jimmy's Hydro

Jimmy Takes a Lickin’ and Keeps On Tickin’ and we’re glad he does

Dave Lott had his Riviera, “Midnight Cry” at G4 and everyone on the Forum had been watching his progress over the past year during the build. Well, he got the “Colonel Sanders” award and a tee shirt that reads “sand, varnish, sand, varnish, sand varnish!”

Dave's Riviera

The boat that earned Dave the “Colonel Sanders” award

Happy Boatbuilder

Colonel Sanders still has fingerprints

This was Gary Steinkamp’s first year at the Gathering and he brought along his Missile. He got the “Matching Tie and Handkerchief” award because his boat, motor and even clothes all match!

Gary's Missile

Matching Tie and Handkerchief Award–Gary’s Missile

I talked about Bernard and Mary in a previous post and they got the “Living The Dream” Award. They were so thrilled to be able to take a ride in Bill’s Tahoe that afternoon.

Bernard & Mary

Mary & Bernard Living the Dream

Debbie Oatman, Jessica Haywood & Ashley Oberstrum received their awards together as they are mother and daughters. Each year these ladies have serenaded us with their lovely voices so Debbie got the “First Chair” award and Jessica and Ashley got the “Harmony Award”.

Harmony Award

Debbie, Jessica & Ashley–First Chair & Harmony Awards

After awards, it was on to more singin’ ‘round the boat and just having a great time! As far as I’m concerned, each and every one of you deserve an award for being some of the best darn folks I know… Congratulations!

G4 Party Group

The G4 Party Group



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